Workflow Notification Email Link

The emails - that send out notifications about workflow transitions - contain a link to the content item in question:

Where can I change the URL from to something else? (Or what documentation should I be looking at?)

The file to edit is Rhythmyx/rxconfig/Workflow/

The documentation for Rhythmyx 6.5.2
Rhythmyx Implementation Guide p. 46

The documentation for Rhythmyx 6.7
Rhythmyx Implementation Guide p. 50

I think there’s a typo in both sets of docs, but rljohnson (documentation percussionista) can chime in. I believe the relevant variable names should be


However, the documentation for both 6.5.2 and 6.7 specify


I can verify that RX_ prefix works for us…

Darrell is correct about the missing underscores. The prefix of those properties should be “RX_”.

I have corrected the text in our source and the correction will be included in future releases.