Workflow Notifications Setup

We have had trouble understanding how to get workflow notification emails working.

The guide says to “Enter values for MAIL_DOMAIN and SMTP_HOST as in the following example. Use the values required by your system.”

Does this mean if we’re using Outlook for our email that we put Outlook values in there? Are there default values that can be used that come from Percussion itself?

Hi Matthew

The MAIL_DOMAIN and SMTP_HOST are the names of the domain and host that serves emails at your organization. We have to contact your IT to find these values and add them to the [Percussion Root]/rxconfig/Workflow/ file.

Please let me know if any question.

Is there a log file that keeps a record of workflow notification errors, potentially? Or a log that confirms they’re being sent out on the Percussion end of things?

We’ve set up our MAIL_DOMAIN and SMTP_HOST to what our IT recommends, but the notifications aren’t being sent out.

Hi Matthew,

If Rhythmyx is failing to send a notification for some reason, the server.log should have the failure/exception details. The log file could be found at the below locations:

For Jetty - “<Rhythmyx_Home>\jetty\base\logs”
For JBoss - “<Rhythmyx_Home>\AppServer\server\rx\log”


Hi Matthew,

I apologize. I see you are using CM1 and not Rhythmyx. The location for server.log in CM1 is as under: