Workflow question

I want to instigate a new state called ‘Publish Overnight’ which auto transitions to the publish state after a set time (it’s a pity aging transitions can’t happen at a set time without the user filling in the start date - which they find too much of a pain to do). Anyway - my question is about the trigger field - they all seem to be called tsaw_blah_blah - is this just a made up name or a call to something? If it is a call how do I set up a tsaw_Publish_Overnight. The help doesn’t seem to mention triggers.


OK I now have seen it in the help and it looks like just a unique text label.

Yes, it’s an arbitrary label. As long as it is unique for all transitions leaving the state, you can use any value you like.

If you use WebServices or some other program to cause a Workflow transition, the trigger word is what you must provide to identify the transition.