We want to run an Auto Index to select content items. When it selects the items if there is a translation of the item, we would want a ‘preferred language’ version out of its translations and if no translation exists we would want to use the default item instead.

Does any one have any thoughts on how you could achieve a ‘preferred language’ set of results?

Further Explanation:

Assume that your publishing configuration says that if there is no translation of an item for the EN-US site, then use the EN-GB item instead.

You have:

  • 10 News items, 9 are in the EN-GB locale and 1 is in the EN-US locale - it is a translation of an EN_GB item.
  • an Auto Index to return all News items.
  • a Generic page (EN-GB) that renders the results of the Auto Index.

When we publish the Generic page to the EN-GB site, we see 10 items incuding a snippet of the translated EN-US News item. But, its link is (understandably) invalid.

When viewing the same page in the EN-US site, we again see 10 items, but we only want to see 9, 8 items from the EN-GB locale and the specific EN-US item. No links in this instance are broken but you do see the EN-US item and its parent translation (the EN-GB version).

Does any one have any thoughts on how you could achieve a ‘preferred language’ set of results?

We know that we could assemble and evaluate each item returned manually to determine if it has a translation and decide which version to use, BUT not only is this cumbersome it would become a very expensive/timely assembly process.

Moreover, I would prefer a solution where we could still use the max results field as designed and not have the auto index return a massivse set of items that we have to process manually until the max results are reached.

Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Diane

Did u find a way to do this?
I want to pick content items from a folder in a personalized way, picking up only for a specific locale.