Would like to see more comprehensive IIS support where Tomcat is no longer necessary

My IT department uses windows based servers and knows IIS, but does not know much about Tomcat.

We use Coldfusion for forms and using some database interaction. With IIS IT can set up Coldfusion, and with Tomcat they do not know how and do not have the time to dedicate to figuring it out.

What we would like to do is to use IIS only (along with Coldfusion for forms, and data) to serve the website.

As it is right now your IIS support requires Tomcat to be running as well, so we would not be getting completely away from it, and not all of the functions available in CM1 (auto-lists, blogs, comments, RSS feeds, etc.) work yet through IIS alone.

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Our current strategy to reduce reliance on Tomcat is to move to a SaaS offering as opposed to supporting a grater range of web servers. This would remove the need for IT to have knowledge of Tomcat by removing the need for IT to manage the underlying technology. This is something we are moving to incrementally over the next 12 - 18 months.

Would this be something Coldfusion would be easily installed on?

How does this relate to IIS or is IIS not going to be supported anymore than either?

Our biggest goal and need is for Coldfusion to be used within CM1 by simply adding the extension (.cfm) to pages that will need Coldfusion to work without Tomcat.

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The goal here is to eventually outsource the components of CM1 that rely on Tomcat to an external server managed by Percussion (commonly know as a SaaS delivery model). That way, you would only need to maintain your single IIS server on your end, and no longer have to rely on a Tomcat server running locally for these delivery tier components to work.

So while this wouldn’t be a solution where everything is running through IIS alone (as you phrased it), it would be essentially what you’re looking for in that your IT team will only have to work in an IIS environment and not have to touch the Tomcat components.

As for ColdFusion, you should have no problems installing and working with ColdFusion in IIS as you normally would in such an environment.

Again, as Dan stated, moving CM1 over to a SaaS delivery model is something that we will be moving towards incrementally over 12 to 18 months. If you want to work in an IIS environment sooner than that, I do have documentation I can provide you with outlining the steps you must take to proxy the delivery services components from IIS back to your production Tomcat. Let me know if that would interest you.