Wysiwyg Edit Live Editor

We have noticed on clicking the Code tab, that the WYSIWYG editor inserts many of its own div tags. This is interfering with our flash video code that has some Javascript.

Is there any way to override the default behavior of Edit Live editor to prevent addition of those additional div tags? We cannot use plain Text Area field as we have lots of formatting that needs to be done for other content which necessitates the use of Edit Live editor.


not really… about the best you can do is an inline template. That way, Edit Live is not allowed to reformat any of the code within the external template. The drawback to this is you’ll need a separate content item to hold the reference to the flash video.

Is there any reason that you prefer not to have a separate content type to hold / reference flash content?

We have conditional code for the flash. The IF block has code for IE, and the ELSE has the code for non IE browser. So you are suggesting to have a separate content type for FLASH, with 2 fields. One field will have the IE code, and the other field will have the non IE code. And the template, will put together code from both the fields. Is this the way you are recommending?

That is one way to do it. I would recommend having a field for the url to the flash content (I am assume that you’re not using uploading it in the cms…if you are, then you just need to create a snippet template for this). Then you can create a snippet template to display the conditional comments. I would also have fields for width and height of the flash content.

We have a generic “multimedia” content type that does flash as well as other multimedia content (you can use it for html 5 video, embedded video from youtube, vimeo etc). Our snippet template is smart enough to figure out what the content type is and how to render it. Just FYI, but we are using
< object [classid and codebase]>[params]< embed [params]>< /embed>< /object> to cater to both ie and non ie browsers without having to do conditional comments.