XML Server Application error while testing: Request handler not found

I’m working in version 6.5.2

I’ve created a new Application under the XML Server view in the Workbench.
I dropped the sys_Lookup.dtd from the /Rhythmyx/DTD/ folder in the File Explorer view onto my application and chose Query.
I opened the properties and attached an external data source table to the left side of the query resource.
I set the Mapper Properties to map values to the fields.
I saved everything.

When I open the Request Properties and copy to clipboard the Sample URL, and then try to open it in my browser, I get the following back in the response:

<PSXLogErrorSet class="Request handler not found" host="" port="9992" protocol="http" root="/Rhythmyx" rxroot="">
   <Error id="0">A handler could not be found to handle the request for (/Rhythmyx/test_Application/sys_Lookup.html) submitted by session id .</Error>

I’ve tried looking through the 6.5.2 documentation with no success (so far). Does anyone have any information on what this means or what step I missed to get this working? The whole process right up to the test seemed to go exactly as expected.

Try going back to the Request Properties dialog and making sure that html is one of the listed extensions supported. Add it if it is not.

Also, add a “Page” to the application window (Insert > Page) (it’ll probably come up titled "Default) and drag it over the connector on the right side of your query resource.

Well now I feel completely silly.

For future reference to anyone else who gets this error, make sure you have actually started your new application. The documentation steps for creating the application don’t actually mention this (as far as I saw), but it’s apparently necessary. To start your application, right-click on it and choose Start.