XSL and the FOP Assembler use for PDF templates

Hi All,

I’m using Rhythmyx 6.5 to get CMS content published out in PDF format. To do this I have set up the Percussion PSOToolkit’s FOP assembler in an out-of-the-box standard install. I’m using the example PDF template that comes with the PSOToolkit code to output Generic content-type content to see it working and it works fine.

There’s lots of information about XSL FO out there on the internet but not much in the way of getting Rhythmyx content into PDFs using standard <xsl> tags. Specifically I’m looking for information about how to reference an XML file and then be able to use the <xsl:value-of> to evaluate XPath expressions for the XML file.

Has anyone got any examples of this kind of logic working? I’m starting to think that the only option is to use velocity code that will equate to a basic datatype like a String so that you pass XSL FO a String object.


We went this route (google MPDF45). Much easier to format and keeps the load off the CMS.

Thanks for the alternative suggestion. Had a look at MPDF45 just now and if we had the luxury of time and PHP resource (isn’t that always the case?) then it’s certainly something I would consider.

For now I think I’ll have to stick with the FOP Assembler. I have come to the conclusion that within the PDF template all expressions must equate to a String object for the FOP Assembler be able to deal with it. for example to extract slot content:

#slot("PDF_slot" "" "<fo:block space-after.minimum='20pt'>" "</fo:block>" "" "")

Other Velocity code is fine too as long as it equates to a String object. For example the PDF sample code with the assembler uses:

<fo:block font-size="12pt" font-family="sans-serif" line-height="15pt" space-after.optimum="50pt" text-align="justify">

Many thanks for responding.