You are not authorized to edit the page?

I’m probably missing something here but

I’m getting the following:

You are not authorized to edit the page ‘index’.

The page’s last status was approved, and its current status is Pending. I’m trying to edit the page with a contributor account that I’ve specifically given it access to the section the “index” page is underneath.

additionally, I’m using the default workflow right now.

not sure how, once a page has been approved, that I can have it so a contributor can edit it again? do I have to publish first?


Using the Default Workflow, a user assigned to the Contributor role can create and edit content in the Draft workflow state, but as soon as they submit the content, putting it into the Review workflow state, they no longer have permissions to edit this page. At this point an Editor or Admin can reject the page, putting it back into Draft so that the Contributor can again edit their page.

The same rules apply for when the page has been approved and pushed into the Pending workflow state, where in this case, the “resubmit” action puts the page back into the Draft state.

However, this is all easily reconfigurable. If you would like this Contributor to be able to continue to edit their page after they’ve submitted it to Review, you can configure the Review step in the Default Workflow and check off Reject permissions for the Contributor role. The same can be done for the Approved workflow state, where in this case you’d be checking off Resubmit.

if I don’t want to do your suggestions above, how does the page ever get back into a Draft state other than through resubmitting or rejecting? I mean If a contributor edits a page, submits it, it gets approved and is in pending. Does it have to be published and then the contributor can edit it again?

Hi Paul,
In your example the page in the “pending” workflow state would not need to be published first for a contributor to edit it again. “Resubmitting” the page would return the page to draft state.


I still don’t understand. Okay say I have a contributor who edits the page. It gets reviewed, approved and published. After being published, what state is in it? does it still have to get “Resubmitted” so that it can be edited again or what?

Hi Paul,
Once a page has been published, it will be in the “live” workflow state. “Resubmit” will send the page back to “draft” in CM1, however the revision that has been published will remain live until a new version of the page is published (or the page is archived or unpublished using “remove from site”)


So a page cannot be re-edited until a user with access to “resubmit” resubmits it? we’ll be having lots of edits to pages daily, approvals daily and publishing daily. Now a user will also have to constantly click “Resubmit” just to re-allow contributors to ever be able to edit the page again after they submit it the first time?

Hi Paul -

There are two different ways to allow users to make edits to pages that have already been approved and are either Pending or Live:

  1. As already discussed, re-submit the page. This causes the page to go back to Draft, and it must be re-approved through the whole workflow like any other Draft page to go Live again.

  2. If a user is in a role that has the “Approve” permission set in the “Approved” workflow step, then that user can open and edit pages that are Pending or Live to edit them. The page goes into a “Quick Edit” state while being edited, and when submitted, goes directly back to Pending without further review.

You can use #1 for users that you wish to require full review of their changes, and #2 for users that should be allowed to make changes to approved content without further review.

  • Jay


Thanks for the clarification. I got it now.

I guess what I wasn’t understanding is the need to have to physically click 'resubmit" in #1 so that contributors can edit again. To me, once a page is published, the cycle of edit -> review -> approve -> publish should start over again, so that after being published, when a contributor opens the published page to make new edits, it reverts back to draft automatically (without the need of someone hitting resubmit)… but that’s my my perception of it I guess.

As I mentioned above, another option would be to only give this Contributor Resubmit permissions for the Approved state, which means he could get in and edit this Live page, but he would still have to push it back through the Draft > Review > Approved workflow in order to get his updated revisions out to the live site.

In the meantime, as Jon pointed out, the old revision of the page will remain untouched on the live site until a new revision is approved and published.