Bulk Uploading Issues In Chrome Update 74

Hi All,

We have been getting a number of reports from end users related to Chrome update 74 blocking uploads from the Bulk Upload Gadget. The uploads work fine from other browsers.

As a result, we have pulled the new Bulk Upload Gadget from the 5.4 release into the 5.3 patch stream and are actively testing it to be delivered in an upcoming 5.3 patch.

In the meantime as a work around, either don’t update to Chrome 74, use Firefox or another browser, or upload assets via the Image or File asset in the finder.

Here is a link to the Preview post of the new Gadget:

Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve the problem.


That’s awesome! I cannot wait b/c we’re having problem with flash player :\

When is the new patch (for this one) coming out?

It should be today. The team is wrapping up testing of the patch. We’ll post an update on open tickets and the community once the patch is available.



This patch has been released: New CM1 5.15 SR1 Patch Available - (5315_20190412)

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