New Bulk Upload Gadget Preview

Attached is a quick preview video of the new Bulk Upload Gadget coming in CM1 5.4.

Bulk Upload Preview Video

Changes for this Gadget:

  • No Flash plugin Required
  • Improved upload performance
  • Improved validation when uploading files to help prevent users from accidentally uploading images as files.
  • Similar user experience to avoid the need to retrain contributors.
  • Improved accessibility of the Gadget.

Let us know if you have any comments / questions!



Definitely an improvement!
Hopefully we’ll see less users uploading images as files and then calling us when they cant find them.

Thank you.


That is awesome.

One thing that will save all of our headache is to have ALT tag input field for each image/pdf :slight_smile: I do not see it in there :wink: