Managed navigation templates / Velocity


We upgraded to 6.5.2 from 5.7 a while ago, but as yet haven’t converted templates to Velocity etc…still good old xml / xsl!

Plans to redesign our site means writing new page templates / managed navigation templates and although the page templates appear to be straightforward, writing new managed navigation templates in Velocity is proving a little confusing since I cannot find much documentation. I have the 6.5 developers guide and whats new in 6.5 manuals but the examples aren’t much use.

Can anyone provide any pointers / documentation / real working examples to get me started on iterating through / processing navons.

Much appreciated

Have a look at the Code and Snippet Rep.


are good posts that demonstrate iterating through navons…


Getting something more like what appears to be navigation items now!

I’m now experimenting with calling the original xml resource along these lines

$rx.doc.getDocument("…/rxs_Navon_cas/navontree.xml" + $test) because this original resource has a load of other attributes we stored in there which determine the display / formatting of the navigation. Using this call I can get / output the raw xml but I can’t find the syntax for manipulating the returned xml. Is this possible?