Pages with slow loading time (via SiteImprove)

Per SiteImprove SEO…

Studies have shown that users expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely that visitors will abandon the page. Over time, a high rate of page abandonment signals to search engines that your site isn’t providing what users need. A slow page load time also means that search engine crawlers crawl fewer pages on your site, which means fewer pages get indexed.

To ensure that your pages are loading at optimal speed:

  • Load visible content first so users can access content while the rest of the page loads.
  • Compress and size images so they are only as large as they are needed to be.
  • Reduce the number of re-directs where possible.
  • Enable browser caching so that returning visitors don’t have to re-download all page components on subsequent visits.
  • Use GZIP compression for faster file transfer and downloading.
  • Streamline JavaScript, HTML, and CSS so that your pages function with the minimum amount of code needed.
  • Use Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) to deliver data to users from local servers, thus increasing the speed of data transfer


Were you able to test it out on your own, like and see if you have the same issues? It’s affecting almost 98% of Percussion pages.


Hi Aaron,

Checkout these PageSpeed posts:

The 5.4 release will have several of these optimizations built-in (deferred scripts, css preloader etc). But you can use these techniques to better optimize your sites design / page performance today.

We have customers that have used these techniques to achieve Page Speed Insights scores as high as 99. You can also look at the PageSpeed Module for Apache or NGINX. That web server plugin can be deployed on your web server and really excels at optimizing for performance.