Please introduce yourself

Please introduce yourself and tell us about how Rhythmyx is being used in your envoirnment.

I am an IT administrator at Dionex, where we make chemical analysis instrumentation. We have version 5.6 and use Rhythmyx for three sites–public, intranet and extranet. In all three sites we probably have about 10,000 pages that are managed in the Rhythmyx system.



Jeff Alderman. I’m a web developer at Cardiff University. We’ve just gone live with Rhythmyx 5.7 for our public facing and school websites.

Hi, I’m Tom from the ifs School of Finance. We are running Rhythmyx for several of our websites, and for storing/generating textbooks.

I am currently going through the pain that is the Rhythmyx 6.1 upgrade… why oh why won’t my managed nav work!!


Sean Ware, a systems analyst for the City of Cincinnati. We are currently using Rhythmyx 4.5 and will soon upgrade to 6.x

Hi, My name is Audrey Philbrooks and I am the Group Intranet Manager at Alliance & Leicester plc. We are using Rhythmyx 5.7 to publish our intranet. We have completed the migration of the existing content but are still building new functionality … very slowly.

I am responsible for providing the intranet service for a number of devolved publishing teams across the Group.

Angus from GuideStar. We are using Rx database publishing to fill in sections of our existing web site.

Hi, I’m Ian Meadows from Cranfield University in Bedfordshire. We’ve used Rhythmyx for about 6 months - just upgraded to v6.1 and now developing our second phase of our web project. Once complete all but one of our schools will be using Rhythmyx for our front end website.

Hi all, I work with Ian ^^^^ on the Rhythmyx project at Cranfield University.


Hi - I’m Oliver Brooks from Land Securities. We’ve recently implemented rx 5.7 to assist in the content management of our public facing shopping centre websites across the U.K.

Hi - I’m Rob Maclagan, a developer from the British Library’s web team (but based in Yorkshire at our Boston Spa site). We started with Rhythmyx 5.6 over a year ago and upgraded to 6.0 early on and are now on 6.1. The Library’s Learning sitewas developed in 5.6 and we are currently working on 2 new projects.:slight_smile:

I am Cara Murphy from the Natural History Museum. We are in the process of upgrading from 5.7 to 6.1 and have been using Rhythmyx here for over 2 years now. I have worked on several Rhythmyx projects across London for over 5 years now, having first trained on version 4.5.

Hi everyone

My name is Gary Tam, I am working for DBRS. We are just starting and not production yet. Currently using version 6.1 but may upgrade to 6.5 by the time we go live.

Hi, I’m Geoffrey Desmond from Kingston University. We’ve recently upgraded to 6.1 and now I’m trying to find my way around the new workbench.

Hi. My name is John Blakie and I am with Xilinx. We are new to Rythmyx. We are not in production yet and we are building our system on 6.5.

Hi, I’m Mike Lowndes at Which?. Having kicked off the upgrade to 6.1 at the Natural History Museum before moving jobs, I’m now looking at a 6.5 upgrade at Which? plus a whole bunch of new development.

Hi. I’m Robert Schroeder, Development Manager at uSwitch. We’re new to Rhythmyx, and have just about come to the end of our pilot project.

The pilot’s been developed in Rx 6.1, though we’re looking at 6.5 on the side.


Matt Taylor here from Unified Solutions Ltd.
My company has been developing with Rhythmyx for a while now but it is new to me.

Hopefully this forum will prove useful.


My name’s Mark Moxon, and I’m a freelance Rhythmyx developer. I cut my teeth on the Victoria and Albert museum’s Rhythmyx implementation, helped develop Surrey County Council’s Rhythmyx-based intranet, and am now working on the Rhythmyx team at Which?

Variety is the spice of life. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody, my name is Fabio Fabrizio and I am a technical architect working for We are currently using Rhythmyx to publish to a Microsoft.NET 2.0 environment.